Common Questions

Below are common questions regarding to the XStore products.

1. What will I get after purchase XStore application?

You will get full source code with following included:

  • Full Xamarin bundle source with both Android and iOS projects.
  • Ready to use Preconfig Wordpress website with all required plugins installed, so that you can use this pre-config website and install XStore application with minimal effort.
  • Free Wordpress plugins and demo content, you can use these plugins and import demo content to your new or existing Wordpress website.
  • Clean and clear documentation with videos instruction, no programming-skilled required.
  • One time purchase, Lifetime use and free version upgrade.
  • Free support within 24hr.
  1. This app sync with Wordpress website instantly.
  2. One purchased package is used for one website.

2. How to change App Icon, App name?

Refer to Release >> Publish to GooglePlay for Android, Release >> Publish to AppStore for iOS.

3. How to change Package name / Bundle ID?

Refer to Release >> Publish to GooglePlay for Android, Release >> Publish to AppStore for iOS.

4. Will I receive full source code, can I do the customization to the application?

Yes, you will receive full source code once purchased so can add your customization as well. For your minimal installtion/customization effort, we provided a very clean and clear documentation, come with 24h Support for any problem or issue relating to XStore application.

5. Can I release the app for both Android and iOS?

Yes, since XStore is built by Xamarin.Forms Framework which supporting both Android and iOS build and release. For more features on Xamarin.Forms, you can refer to .

6. Will I get free upgrade on next comming version?

Yes you will get free upgrade comming with new features in the future. You can refer to Change logs section to get update information. You will receive notify email for every new update via Codecanyon.

7. Do you provide custom work service?

Yes, we can provide custom work, do let us know your requirements so that we can do the estimation. The charge rate is 30$/hour.